ILAMA (International Life-Saving Appliance Manufacturers' Association) joins Survitec Group and UK P&I Club as sponsors of the Safety at Sea Awards

March 30, 2017


ILAMA are confirmed as the 3rd sponsor of the Safety at Sea Awards 2017.


LAMA plays a significant role in the international maritime and offshore oil and gas safety scene.  By sharing its members’ views, experience and technical papers, ILAMA ensures that Regulatory Bodies including the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are made aware of collective concerns. ILAMA members design, manufacture, inspect, repair, service and test a wide variety of certified life-saving equipment, meeting the appropriate national and international requirements.  


The continuous development of products which enhance safety at sea relies on ILAMA members maintaining close contact with regulatory and standardization bodies in order that proposals and changing requirements have industry and practical relevance where ILAMA members have the unique position of assessing new and existing items of life-saving appliances.  


ILAMA believes in true and fair competition amongst its members, and in equality within national and international legislative and approval procedures.  ILAMA is dedicated to maintaining the quality and effectiveness of all life-saving appliances.

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